The Little Albion, Broadstairs

January 14, 2013

Owen phoned and was like, what’s the deal with lifts and I was like, mate, I’m getting the train. He’s all – I’m running a bit late coming down from Manchester and my train gets into Canterbury just after three and I can’t get through to Aidan but hopefully he can pick me up from the station – and I’m like for flip sake! so I say ok, if you can’t get through to Aidan try Rosie, she must be coming via Canterbury more or less, and that’s what must have happened in the end. So I got on a train and when I was on the train Aidan phoned and was like, yeah, we’re on our way to pick you up and I’m like, mate, I’m on a train, and he was like, oh right, we won’t come and pick you up then. But anyway, I got to Broadstairs and had a bit of a look. They have the sea there, and some tower, which is ok. So then I head to the venue, and you’ll never flippin’ believe it, but Aidan pulls up in his car with Dom and Ben and Andy and he gives me a lift to the venue, which is only like two minutes away, but it means that after all that I did technically get a lift even though I got the train.

So we’re at the venue and it’s really quite nice. There are lots of quotes on the wall, some of which are fine but some of them, to be honest, I just don’t agree with. I mean there’s one that says ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people’ but I’d describe my mind as somewhere between average and great (leaning towards great) and I really like discussing people, like the night before ali and barney had come round and we’d played boggle and drank beer, and afterwards we sat round talking about all the people we know and how they’re all flippin’ mental! Another thing was that around the stage area there was a weird indoor gazebo type thing and it brought me back to my days writing architecture books where you’d write some nonsense like ‘the building deconstructs the dichotomy between internal and external space’ and all you really meant was that there was a window. So anyway, we set up and had a bit of a soundcheck and then we played a flippin’ gig! It was quite nice really. The crowd was pretty rowdy so ben was all – rowdy lot are ya? – and he had good banter so we gave him the award for his banter (see figure 1), but we’d forgotten all about the award until we were actually on stage so Owen gave him a pint of lager but he’d already drank about a third of it so I was like gutted, when I got the award it was a cocktail, a bit gay, yeah, but at least it was full, and cocktails usually cost more than pints so basically I win.

Figure 1., Ben receives his award

Figure 1., Ben receives his award

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