The Spring Tour, and more.

March 29, 2014

Arlet Tour Poster

We’re excited to be revisiting lots of places we’ve played before as well as some new gems. Cecil Sharp House in Camden and The Lighthouse in Deal are particularly exciting. At Cecil Sharp House we’ll be joined by trumpeter extraordinaire Nick Walters, who arrives back in the U.K that day from a sabbatical in West Africa. I hope we recognise him. We’ll also be featuring a new Arlet guest in the form of ‘cellist Tom Spencer. Tom is an old school friend of mine and Owen and will be sitting in on a few pieces before jetting back (Megabus) to Manchester.
In other news, work is continuing on a feature length documentary (about 12 and a half minutes so far) about our Residency at the Pinetum last June. It turns out editing video takes longer than I expected, although partly as our guy has been in South Africa shooting Go Compare ads. You’ll all be pleased to know they don’t feature opera singers- the Go Compare ads i mean; the same can’t be said for the Arlet documentary.
Tomorrow we go to Dorset for the first gig of the Tour, and then Monday i’ll be helping (?) to mix the soon-to-be-released new EP. Hoping to get it ready as soon as possible for the rest of the dates!
After the tour we’ll be ramping it up for the Sounds New Festival collaboration with Matt Brown and Leon String Quartet. It’s definitely taken me out of my comfort zone, but so far been a great experience working with Matt.
We’ll be playing for the launch of a new seat on the new cycle route near Chilham (nr Canterbury) which has been project lead by a good friend of ours whose mum begun the work before very sadly passing away in 1998. We’ll also have to work out how to transport the whole band+ gear on bikes to this gig.. suggestions please!

We’ll be at the Smugglers day festival on May 4th as well as an exciting gig at The Bowerhouse in Maidstone. Some of us saw Martin Carthy here last year and it’ll be a real honour to play there.. also there may be some more exciting news re: The Bowerhouse but we’ll save that for another time.