Big Red Sun

February 11, 2016

Hello all,


In our last blog post we announced the tentative first steps into our second album project.

That was exactly 525 days ago.

We are now very happy to finally announce that our new record will be launched into your ear lobes on March 7th at the Lighthouse on the Deal seafront in East Kent.

Our new release will be called ‘Big Red Sun’.


Big Red Sun Sessions


Recorded across many sessions from the end of 2014 through 2015, our recording location was a gem of a small venue in Maidstone called the Bowerhouse. They have a very relaxed approach, putting on events whenever the mood takes them. After we played there some time back, loving the acoustics and overall feel of the place, we asked if we could record there and the owners May and Sandy, who live across the road, happily agreed. We’re very grateful for their generosity and enthusiasm.

The sessions were engineered by Matt Tweed, who somehow manages to pack everything he needs to record a 6-piece band into a Ford Fiesta. He specialises in ‘mobile recording’, recording bands wherever they feel most comfortable. We were put onto Matt both through Matthew Watkins and our Smugglers Records friends Cocos Lovers.

Matt Tweed (& Dinosaurs)

Matt is a man of many talents. He can engineer and mix records, he tours with Martha Tilston playing bazooki (as well as producing all of her records) and is also an illustrator. He drinks a lot coffee, never does a recording session without the help of his knitted dinosaur pals and is a fan of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s ‘Oblique Strategy’ cards whilst working. He is an all round top guy and we feel lucky to have found him. He’s not on social media.

We’re all very excited about the album. There are some cracking new pieces written by Aidan, as well as fresh contributions from Ben, Rosie and a piece we wrote as a band on our woodland residency back in 2013. We are currently busy putting the finishing touches onto the artwork and the bonus material. We will only be making 200 of them at first, individually letter-pressed booklets and assembled in a very limited edition first run. We will be blogging about the making of the album object, as well as more details about the bonus material, in another blog entry in the coming weeks.

For details of all the upcoming shows have a click here.

As a special album preview we’ve just put up a brand new album track, ‘Bowerhouse’, onto our soundcloud page.

See you in March!


Ben, Lucy, Aidan, Thom, Rosie & Owen







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