New Video – Live @ The Preservation Room

July 9, 2016

Hey all,


we’re very proud to announce we have some fresh online content to share. A few months back we paid a visit to John and Pawel at The Preservation Room studios in Hackney to make some new live videos. We were filmed and recorded playing two tracks, one as a full band and one as a trio, both taken from our brand new album Big Red Sun which will become available online later this summer. The first of these videos is now online, posted on The Preservation Room Facebook and YouTube channel yesterday evening. It’s the full band playing ‘Bowerhouse’.

Live in The Preservation Room


The studio space is John’s beautiful living room, complete with wooden floors and ambient lighting. It’s quite a setup they’ve got there. John and his colleague Pawel weaved their way around us with cameras to get a mixture of footage from different angles to choose from for the final edit. Besides the ‘roaming’ cameras, they also had a rotating aerial camera which went round us overhead, a bit like a very slow-moving fan. The photo above is a still from the ‘fan’ camera, not someone teetering on a step ladder at the back of the room!


All in all a very productive evening. We’re also looking forward to posting the second video when that surfaces from the editing suite; a trio performance of ¬†Aidan, Rosie and Owen playing Bowerhouse#2.


We are the latest addition to a very wide-ranging portfolio which The Preservation Room have been putting together over the last year or two. There’s a whole mixture of different styles on there, well worth exploring.




With the rise of social media and smartphones over the past decade, YouTube has become a vital tool for artists and music fans alike. Video content is usually the first stop now for younger music lovers who want to check out new artists and see if their music is something they want to invest in. As a band it’s great to have something up-to-date to share so a huge thanks to The Preservation Room for producing these videos.


Looking forward to posting the trio video before long!


owen x