New Video – Live @ The Preservation Room

July 9, 2016
Hey all,   we’re very proud to announce we have some fresh online content to share. A few months back we paid a visit to John and Pawel at The Preservation Room studios in Hackney to make some new live videos. We were filmed and recorded playing two tracks, one as a full band and one as a trio, both taken from our brand new album Big Red Sun which will become available online later this summer. The first of these videos is now online, posted on The Preservation Room Facebook and YouTube channel yesterday evening. It’s the full...
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May 31, 2016
Hey from Hay where the Arlet Trio (+ Sam merch-manager-extraordinaire) have enjoyed a glorious couple of days performing as part of the Hay Festival’s Fair on the Square fringe activities.   Huge thanks to Pete and Alison for having us – we loved playing with the other fantastic acts over the weekend and can’t believe so many highlights were crammed into only two days   1) Our temporary home was the imposing Baskerville Hall, perhaps where Conan Doyle was inspired to write The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb The Hounds of the Baskervilles, and also an impressive challenger to the...
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Big Red Sun

February 11, 2016
Hello all,   In our last blog post we announced the tentative first steps into our second album project. That was exactly 525 days ago. We are now very happy to finally announce that our new record will be launched into your ear lobes on March 7th at the Lighthouse on the Deal seafront in East Kent. Our new release will be called ‘Big Red Sun’.   Big Red Sun Sessions   Recorded across many sessions from the end of 2014 through 2015, our recording location was a gem of a small venue in Maidstone called the Bowerhouse. They have...
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Lau-land and the Summer Roundup

September 3, 2014
Hello all,   So. September is here. We’ve neglected the blog a bit of late, and before the nights get really cold we wanted a few paragraphs to take stock. We’re going back a little while now, but we can’t leave this one unmentioned. Back in June, we were very pleased to get an email back from Aidan O’ Rourke saying how much Lau liked our stuff, offering us a spot at the upcoming Lau-Land event at the Sage in Gateshead. Lau are a founding inspiration for us, so it was pretty surreal making the trip up north where...
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Sounds New Festival and Matthew Brown

May 1, 2014
On Wednesday 7th May, we will be performing some new works by Aidan and local composer Matthew Brown, written especially for Arlet musicians and the Leon String Quartet. The premiere is a Free Range event, as part of this year’s Sounds New festival which champions contemporary and experimental music making. Aidan has composed a new work for string quartet and clarinet titled Fade to Green, to be performed by the Leon String Quartet and Owen Hewson. Matt has composed Concord of Sounds for Arlet and the Leon String Quartet. Matt studied music at Christ Church University in Canterbury, before...
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The Spring Tour, and more.

March 29, 2014
We’re excited to be revisiting lots of places we’ve played before as well as some new gems. Cecil Sharp House in Camden and The Lighthouse in Deal are particularly exciting. At Cecil Sharp House we’ll be joined by trumpeter extraordinaire Nick Walters, who arrives back in the U.K that day from a sabbatical in West Africa. I hope we recognise him. We’ll also be featuring a new Arlet guest in the form of ‘cellist Tom Spencer. Tom is an old school friend of mine and Owen and will be sitting in on a few pieces before jetting back (Megabus)...
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Tour Diaries

November 4, 2013
When chamber folk hits the road things get messy. There were bassoons hurled through McDonalds windows, a tour bus crammed with groupies, hard drugs, cheap liquor, timpani and trumpets. Thom got in a scuffle landing himself in Norwich jail after losing it with an arrogant arts student named Christophe. He kept making snide remarks about his ‘tuba’… “IT’S A FLIPPING EUPHONIUM…YEAH?!” I’m exaggerating slightly. Thom wasn’t arrested. He spent his days off in between gigs diligently chipping away at his PhD on American ecological poetry. Here he is in my brother’s bedroom, the morning after a gig, watched over...
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Summer Clippings

August 20, 2013
Greetings, Time for a late summer roundup of recent happenings. We’re all looking forward to the album tour this September, but before we get onto that there are some special London shows to report… DayLight Music @ Union Chapel, Islington (June 29th) This was a little while ago now, and we were missing Thom who was away doing phd research in California (which he later explained entailed taking yellow folders out of grey boxes to look at bits of paper for 2 weeks), but it was a great gig. We were on a bill with a 55 piece ‘indie...
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Serial Residency

June 21, 2013
Arlet recently emerged, grubby kneed and blinking into the sunlight after a very special weekend in the woods. Before we go any further, we have to give emphatic and heartfelt thanks and love to all at the pinetum and Sondryfolk for making possible our residency: we will be reaping the benefits for a long time to come. Having been provided with precious time and beautiful space to do music and stuff, we arrived early(ish) on an overcast Friday morning, ready to steer the Arletmobile in a slightly different direction, or at least help Aidan out with the driving.  Up until...
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The Last Bookshop soundtrack, The Bakery and the creative process

April 15, 2013
Last week saw the YouTube publication of a new short film which I wrote the soundtrack for, specifically for Arlet. The film is called The Last Bookshop and is written by Richard Dadd who co-directed it with Dan Fryer. Whilst studying at University of Kent in Canterbury, Richard and Dan joined up with some other uni chums to form The Bakery as a collective outlet for their creative desires. In their own words, The Bakery is: “A group of friends who spend our spare time doing creative stuff. Don’t expect the usual boring portfolio of pretentious art-films, tedious small...
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